Holding my Savior

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I’ve often wondered what it would have felt like to have held Jesus as a helpless infant totally at my mercy. Would He have felt like a normal baby does in my arms? Or would I have felt the immense power that His little, dependent body held inside? I think of how I would have rocked him in my arms, touched His soft, angelic face with my hands, brushed His hair with my fingertips, comforted His cries. Now that He is no longer that helpless, dependent inf

ant born into humbleness, I realize the scene I have imagined is precisely how He treats me: I am the helpless infant at His mercy. He holds me in the same way I’ve longed to hold Him when He was a child. He pulls me close, and I do feel the power that His being radiates. He touches my face, brushes my hair, and comforts my cries with His steadfast love. His humble entry into this world as a defenseless child needing to be held and cared for leads the way to a Hope that is unparalleled here, a Hope that awaits us one day when He returns not defenseless, powerless, or dependent but mighty and fierce. And so this Christmas, I will celebrate Him not as a baby but as my Savior who will return to take me home.


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