Dear Satan,

Remember the past couple of weeks when I would wake up at 5ish and you were right there tempting me to be anxious about planning the Backpack Thanksgiving Dinner at church, taunting me that it was all going to fall apart? Remember that? And I’ll admit, I was tempted, and I began to succumb to the anxiousness you were trying to suffocate me with…for a second. But do you remember what I did? I shall remind you. I prayed. I asked God for help and peace. But, most importantly, what I did during your attempts to ambush me into a full blown panic is I surrendered the dinner to Him. I repeated over and over again: “I surrender this to You, Father. I trust You.”oops

As everything is coming together and falling into place, you know what I realized was happening during these past two weeks? I was drawing close to my Father. I ran to Him because you were being a butthead. I ran to Him, and I found peace. I found comfort. I found strength. And as a result of this running, I found Him. I drew close to Him, and He drew close to me.

So, I guess in your attempt to freak me out, it kind of backfired on you. Oops.




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