Real Manhood Has Nothing to Do with Eating Bark


After I posted this little rant on Facebook while watching a little college football, I began to think about what society tells us defines manhood: not drinking diet drinks, attracting as many women as you possibly can, chopping down trees, eating bark, canoeing with a bear, watching football, drinking beer, and above all – don’t commit. To be quite frank, with the exception of watching football ;), these are not things that I attribute to “real” manhood. And I’m going to go out on a limb to say that my friends agree with me.

As I thought about these ridiculous scenarios of what ads show us “manhood” looks like, I began to think of what I think real manhood looks like. The first example that popped into my mind was seeing a man with hands up worshipping the Lord. Or a man in total surrender down on his knees praying to the Father for guidance for his life. As these images began crossing my mind, I thought of other examples of what I think real manhood is:

A gentleman who opens a door for a lady.

A father singing a lullaby to his son as he goes to sleep, even if it is off-key.

A man who walks over to help up a little girl who has tripped and fallen down.

A man who provides for his family by working hard for them but by also playing hard with them.

A firefighter who gently scoops up a seemingly dead kitten and gives it oxygen to revive it.

A father who tells his daughter she is beautiful and smart and worthy of a man who will treat her with respect…and is a model for the kind of man for which she should look.

A man who tells young men that women are to be treated with respect and not as objects…and models that behavior for them.

A man who keeps his promises.

I could go on with so many more examples, but the truest form of what real manhood looks like is a man who follows Christ’s example of love, discipline, and passion. So, guys, we ladies aren’t looking for a man who can climb a tree, grow a beard, chop a cord of wood without breaking a sweat, or be in complete control of everything. Real manhood is someone who is confident enough to surrender control to the Father, model the Son’s example, and help those who cannot help him. Forget the ads and look to Christ.


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